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ESSENCE MARKETING: Don't Sell What You Deliver - provides specifics about identifying, developing and leveraging your organization's "essence" so that your marketing efforts are cost efficient and effective. With a cover price of $20, it is an investment worth your money, time and effort.


You can purchase ESSENCE MARKETING for $20 (including shipping & handling) online through PayPal using the link below.  For information about bulk purchases, contact Charlie directly by email.  To insure that the book is delivered promptly along with a personalized inscription, please fill out the information on this page after you complete your purchase.


Below is an excerpt from the Preface which can be downloaded in its entirety by clicking on the link provided.

ESSENCE MARKETING | Don't Sell What You Deliver!
By Charlie Stuart



     We don’t sell paper clips, we give you the time to go to your son’s first Little League game!

     My first selling experience, other than the corner lemonade stand, was in Dad’s retail office supply store. When customers came into the store, we made sure that every question was answered and that they left with the product they needed. Our “sales training” consisted of product information and real-world experience. In fact, we were expected to know details about every product – all 5,000 of them. Including the paper clips.

     Can you imagine knowing how to differentiate between paper clips? The scary thing is – I can.

     Paper clips come 100 to the box, 10 boxes to the carton. They sell for 25 cents a box, $2.50 a carton. There are 36 gauge and 41 gauge clips. Steel or tin clips. Brass, vinyl or polished finish. Clipped or cut. Any questions?

     How did I learn all that? From the manufacturers. Their training consisted of product brochures and a few dry product demonstrations. As if, knowing all there is to know about paper clips – including the manufacturing process – is what the customer cared about.

     It was years later, when selling office supplies door-to-door to businesses that I learned that customers don’t care about paper clips. They care about fastening paper together. Then, I learned the decision-maker-buyer doesn’t really care about fastening paper together, they care about saving time, reducing headaches, increasing efficiency and raising profits and lowering costs. Click here to download a PDF of the table of contents & preface.

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